Trinity Innovations has expanded its Pre-Finishing capabilities with the addition of a new spray booth.  We can now coat full sheets along with smaller components.  We also prefinish edges through a special process we’ve developed over the past few years, maintaining a consistent color and texture on all exposed surfaces. 

We focus on clear finishes and, depending on the finish, we utilize HPLV or airless spray systems for a highly consistent finish.

For interior applications, we currently offer two (2) clear finishes – ProFinish™ and ProFinish Eco™ – that are fully compatible with our Colored MDF, GrassBuilt, MOSO Bamboo and veneer laminated components.



Our ProFinish consists of a catalyzed clear lacquer.  This coating provides excellent durability for a clear finish and has performed well in café tables, bar tops, office furniture, wall panels and cabinet doors.  We have also developed a complimentary edge sealing process where we can achieve an edge finish that matches the surface – no easy feat working with MDF!

PROFinish is our go-to finish for wall and ceiling panels and is fully compatible with our edge seal and finishing system.

We call the gloss a “dull rub” which feels almost leathery in texture.  The gloss level averages a 15 – 20 degree sheen.  Check out the picture below with a detailed Ogee edge showing the quality of the finished edge using our special process.



PROFinish Eco is our water based clear coating alternative to the lacquer coating.  Certain coating specifications prefer low VOC finishes and this finish delivers that feature well.  While not quite as durable as the ProFinish, ProFinish Eco is widely used in cabinetry and furniture, along with wall panel applications.  Gloss level is 10 – 15 degrees.

There is an interesting variation in color when these 2 clear coatings are used as you can see from the picture of GeoTone Curry below:



We import certain Colored MDF products manufactured as a Class A fire rating (as tested to the ASTM E-84 protocol).  However, if we don’t have a particular item in stock manufactured as Class A, we have an alternative solution.  We can apply a special topical coating that will allow us to sell the panel as Class A as long as the treated surfaces are not otherwise fabricated.  This is a bit complex to understand, so call us for more information and pricing.



For our Tricoya ExDF product, particularly laminated with a wood veneer, we offer a clear coating designed to protect, enhance and extend the service life of the veneer. 

Of course, Tricoya ExDF can go outside by itself with no protection and still perform beyond expectations – even in contact with soil!  But clear coatings for exterior performance are a challenge.  Unlike pigmented coatings, clear coatings can have limitations in their formulation to provide acceptable durability, stability and weather resistance.  In addition, UV exposure puts an additional performance hurdle in place.

We have found a marine grade coating system that has outperformed every other coating we’ve evaluated.  With over 6 years on our test fence, this system has demonstrated that it not only protects the veneer but has also shown phenomenal resistance to UV degradation.  The bonus is this coating system can be serviced and maintained in the field.

This picture shows the original sample and the same sample after 6 years of weathering.  The weathered sample shows some corner damage from the wind blowing the sample around a few times.

Tricoya ExDF w/Bamboo Veneer 

Sample on right has 6 years of outdoor exposure………No Edge Swelling


We will continue to test exterior clear finishes to expand the set of options for this demanding application.



We are developing a Matte finish using Danish Oil.  So far, this coating shows amazing promise and ranks high on the environmental stability scale.  While we have yet to perform performance tests, the aesthetic we’ve achieved is amazing.  Silky smooth without any sheen.