About Us

Trinity Innovations, Inc. prides itself on introducing innovative new architectural building products to the North American market. We only focus on products that have the highest marks for sustainability, performance, unique features, impactful design and creative elements. In addition to our amazing product portfolio, we are frequently asked to consult on materials and options.

With our team of industry experts and vast industry connections, we relish the opportunity to explore the possibilities in all applications and concepts, and often find ourselves consulting for our customers to find the perfect out-of-the-box solution. This has led to the creation of new products never before thought possible as you will see in our Innovation section.

Our products are geared to the commercial and residential casework, flooring, cabinet and millwork industry segments throughout North America. Our customer list includes architectural millworkers, OEM manufacturers of office furniture, cabinets & store fixtures, sign and display firms and wholesale distribution. Basically, if it goes in the building, outside the building, on walls, ceilings or floors – Trinity Innovations opens the design palette. In fact, our work with architects and designers has unleashed the potential for combining our different products to create stunning architectural statements.

We have been blessed with the opportunity to help introduce game changing products like Tricoya™ ExDF, Valchromat™, and GeoTone™.   We remain on the hunt for the next new and unique product and/or technology that meets our foundational standards for serious innovation, environmental stewardship, awe-inspiring design and tremendous performance. Quite frankly, we’re having too much fun!


Explore the Possibilities with Trinity Innovations!