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Our mission is to bring innovative products to the North American marketplace that provide the combination of unique design features with high-performance criteria. We want to be game-changers! These products must also meet our serious commitment to sustainability. The additional dimension of combining these products increases the design options exponentially.

Together, Let's Explore The Possibilities!

Trinity Innovations, Inc.


Our three Collections of colored MDF have transformed how designers and millworkers view their design options. It has also allowed DIYers and craft enthusiasts access to a very unique, versatile and durable board option unleashing their creativity.

This product category eliminates the need for laminates and edge banding for an all-natural approach to the world of color, contrast and texture.

Trinity Innovations, Inc.


The Fastest Growing Plant In The World! Bamboo is a remarkable self-regenerating plant and is considered a grass, not a wood plant. 

An interesting feature of bamboo is that despite how fast it grows, the bamboo "wood" is extremely hard. 

Elegant brick home with windows

Tricoya ExDF™

Tricoya ExDF™ is a panel product that rarely comes along, having the potential to change everything! Imagine a wood-based fiberboard panel that carries a 50-year outdoor guarantee to remain dimensionally stable under any exterior environment, retains its strength, has virtually no thickness swell, won't decay or rot, and is highly termite resistant.