Trinity Innovations is excited to announce a significant expansion to our value adding capabilities for 2019 including Pre-Finishing, Veneer Lamination, Cut-To-Size services and CNC machining.

When we started Trinity Innovations, we were exclusively focused on wholesaling specialized architectural panel products to the North American millwork, cabinetry and furniture segments.

However, our customers and architecture/design contacts are constantly looking for ways to streamline the value chain and regularly ask us if we can covert raw panels into their designs ourselves to save them the time required to assemble the various subcontractors to convert these raw materials into their finished product.  In addition, as we continue to innovate new products and, in particular, new innovative combinations of our products, we’ve expanded our capabilities to offer many of these value-added features ourselves. 

Having the capacity to offer these upgrades means quicker lead times, lower cost and higher quality control.  Our motto remains our inspiration – EXPLORING THE POSSIBILITIES!

Check out the details of each new service we offer by clicking on the tab of the area you are interested in.  And help us grow this new segment of our business by calling us and finding out how we can help you consolidate the value chain and provide you with start to finish product solutions.

We will continue to strongly support our OEM customer segment.  So, if you need assistance in working with the material, or just need some pointers, don’t hesitate to call us at 916.258.3212.