TriFlekta FR



TriFlekta FR uses a proprietary technology to infuse solid bamboo poles with a special treatment process that creates very high fire resistance throughout the bamboo pole.  Unlike simple surface or topical treatments, the TriFlekta technology won’t wash off or wear away.

Applications include half rounds for wall and ceiling coverings and full rounds for structural configurations or other decorative uses.  The product can be used inside or outdoors.

TriFlekta FR has been tested to the highly stringent ASTM E-84 25 foot tunnel test.  You must achieve a 25 Flamespread or less to be awarded the prestigious Class A rating.  TriFlekta FR was tested with an amazing flame spread of 10!



–      Class A Fire Rating with a 10 Flamespread and Smoke Index 185

–      Available in 3″ – 6″ Diameters (75 – 150mm)

–      Lengths in 8′, 10′ and 16′ (2.44, 3 and 5 meters)

–      Half rounds or full poles


Bamboo has long been prized as a rapidly renewable resource that has an incredibly high strength to weight ratio.  Because bamboo regenerates itself and grows to maturity in 4 – 5 years, it is highly sustainable and good for the environment.

We use two bamboo species for TriFlekta FR. We source Guadua angustifolia from the forests of Colombia and Bambusa vulgaris from plantations in Mexico. Bamboo is a growing economy for both of these areas and management practices focus on sustainable yield. Controlling all aspects of the manufacture of TriFlekta you can be assured of the highest quality and consistency.

Outdoor Use

For outdoor use, our proprietary process adds fungus, mold and insect resistance for long term durability.  We have also developed a clear coating that has shown excellent resistance to UV degradation and protection against color change from exposure to sun and weather.  This allows the product to be used in high use areas such as theme parks, resorts and zoos with minimal maintenance required.

TriFlekta FR Brochure

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