Bamboo veneer is another product that sets MOSO apart from other bamboo suppliers. MOSO Intl. owns and operates their own veneer plant in Asia and as such, offers unequalled quality and consistency. Designers love the fact that MOSO color grades their veneers providing even more color consistency from panel to panel to match the specific design palette. With production control using state of the art technology, MOSO is able to offer natural, khaki, caramel and chocolate colored veneer.

MOSO veneer is similar to other hardwood veneers, where the veneer is peeled very thin (0.025″) and is engineered with a fleece backer or 10mil paper backer for lamination onto a substrate like MDF or particleboard.  We also can offer a veneer specially engineered for fire retardant applications, along with other customized product options.


Thick Veneer Cut Sheet

Thin Veneer Cut Sheet