MOSO solid panels are a visually appealing product typically consisting of multiple layers of bamboo and are available in multiple variations with respect to size, thickness, configuration, style and color. These bamboo panels are especially interesting in those applications where the side of the panel remains visible, such as staircase steps, furniture and kitchen work tops.

In addition to the multi-ply panel, MOSO offers a one-ply panel in 3mm and 5mm thicknesses.  These thin panels are perfect for laminating onto a substrate as a lower cost option or used as is for cabinetry, furniture or millwork components. It is also a favorite product for skateboard deck manufacturers due to the stiffness and strength properties, and unique aesthetics – all while staying true to a sustainable base material.

Like all MOSO products, product selection is determined on thickness, grain pattern and color.

Grain Pattern: Side Pressed (vertical), Plain Pressed (horizontal) or High Density (strand)

Colors: Natural, Caramel or Chocolate (a MOSO exclusive)

Also check out one of the newest additions to the MOSO family – Solid Bamboo Beams. This “bamboo lumber” can be used for many applications either in its original form or machined into molding profiles.




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