X-Treme Smooth Side Up

With the introduction of Bamboo X-Treme, MOSO has developed a truly ecological and durable alternative for increasingly scarce tropical hardwood for outdoor uses. MOSO uses a unique patented process to alter the hardness, dimensional stability and durability to a level superior to the best tropical hardwood species. The resulting product provides a very rich high end aesthetic.

X-Treme Outdoor Floor

Bamboo X-Treme is a solid, high density, engineered bamboo plank made from compressed bamboo strips. X-Treme is suitable for outdoor applications, especially as decking. A special patented heat treatment process provides X-Treme the highest exterior durability class possible in the appropriate EU norms and increases the density – making it very hard.

X-Treme Lake Tahoe

The special symmetrical shape of the sides makes X-Treme reversible, allowing you to choose between either the ribbed or flat surface, and installs quickly with fasteners. Like any unsealed tropical hardwood species, when exposed untreated to outdoor environments, X-Treme will turn grey over time creating a very natural look. Alternatively, with the proper maintenance schedule, the original color can largely be maintained.


Bamboo X-Treme Cut Sheet

Bamboo X-Treme Leaflet

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