Eternal Collection

The Eternal Collection provides the strongest and most durable floors that MOSO has in its assortment.  For customers that are searching for a life-long floor solution, a floor from this Collection will be the best choice. MOSO Eternal floors are even suitable for use in the toughest commercial applications.  There are three products in this Collection:  Bamboo Supreme, Bamboo Forest and Bamboo Industriale.

Bamboo Supreme – Made from two layers of bamboo with a 4mm top layer and a cross pressed bamboo backing.  The total thickness is 10mm which is relatively thin compared to other wood floors.  However, as with any wood species, the basic rule is:  the thicker, the less stable.  The 10mm thickness and 4mm top layer is an ideal compromise between durability and stability and therefore offers a perfect solution for heavy circumstances, like installation on floor heating and/or in heavy traffic areas.

Bamboo Forest – The most authentic bamboo floor imaginable.  This unique product uses the outside layer of the bamboo stem which is flattened with a special process to create the top layer of a three layer solid bamboo floor board.  The result is a very robust floor with the natural beauty and original look of the bamboo plant.  If you want a rustic looking floor – this is your solution.  The surface of the floor consists of the stony bark of the bamboo stem, which is o hard and wear resistant that no oil or lacquer finish is required.

Bamboo Industriale – Consists of small tiles or blocks of solid bamboo strips bundled together with tape.  The floor installer glues these tiles onto the subfloor, sands off the tape, fills the gaps and finishes the surface like other solid hardwood flooring products.  Being made of such small strips, the floor is very stable making it the perfect solution for application on floor heating.  This floor has the thickest wear layer of all MOSO floors – up to 15mm!