Dynamic Collection

The Dynamic Collection provides an economical choice for customers that want a floor which is easy to install. Even though these are not the most expensive floors in the MOSO range, it does not mean they are of a lesser quality or offer less choice. In fact, the Dynamic Collection offers the widest range of possibilities in color, size and style, fitting the latest trends.  There are four products in this Collection:  PureBamboo, TopBamboo, UniBamboo and FlexBamboo.

PureBamboo – One layer (side pressed version) or three layers (plain pressed version) of solid bamboo strips, providing an economical floor which is made purely from bamboo. This floor type was the first bamboo floor ever. All other bamboo floor types have been derived from this classic version.

TopBamboo – Top layer of bamboo combined with a HDF (High Density Fiberboard) as the core and a softwood backing. Because of this construction, the product is very stable and the Uniclic® system makes it very easy to install as a floating floor. TopBamboo is available in a large variety of colors and finished, including brushed and stained version.

UniBamboo – Combines the virtues of carpet and vinyl with the charm of bamboo. In this innovative product, thin bamboo strips are pressed onto a latex backing, providing a flexible, light, sound absorbing, economical flooring solution which is available in tiles or planks in a broad assortment of colors and sizes. Because of its thin profile, it is perfect for installation on top of existing floors, therefore ideas for renovation projects.

FlexBamboo – Similar to UniBamboo, FlexBamboo is made by connecting thin bamboo strips to a latex backing.  However, instead of boards or tiles, it comes in rolls and lays down like carpet.  FlexBamboo offers excellent sound absorption characteristics at a very economical price and is available in the widest choice of stained colors providing a tailor made solution for everyone.  For architectural millwork, we have a related product called Tambour for curved applications.  Check out flexible bamboo in the Bamboo Products Section under “FlexBamboo” for more information.



Please ensure you have the most current version of product and installation guides from www.moso-bamboo.com.