While the thin veneer product is the most flexible MOSO product, it is challenging to handle apart from a flat line lamination process. So MOSO developed FlexBamboo.

FlexBamboo takes strips of bamboo and adheres them to either a latex backer or to a fabric backer. The strip width comes in different sizes and is available as unfinished or with eight different eco-friendly stains.






This product allows designers the freedom to use bamboo in curved forms on walls and ceilings including free-formed reception areas, wrapped pillars, curved walls and staircases. And because FlexBamboo comes in long rolls, fewer seams means quicker installation. 





FlexBamboo can also be used as an inexpensive flooring product.  In fact, the display industry specifies FlexBamboo for trade show flooring because of the color choices and the latex backing provides a cushioning effect that won’t slip once laid down.  We can custom cut FlexBamboo to 5’ widths up to 65’ long – perfect for trade show exhibit floor spaces.  And because it is easily rolled down and then rolled up, you can use this floor many times. 







We have also introduced FlexBamboo Tiles, Contact Us about this innovative product.