Bamboo is a remarkable self-regenerating plant and is considered a grass.  There are over 1300 species of bamboo, but we focus on the “Timber Bamboo” that achieves diameters over 6” and lengths up to 80 feet – which happens in 4 – 5 years! An interesting feature of bamboo is that despite how fast it grows, the bamboo “wood” is extremely hard. This is completely counter-intuitive to us wood experts who know that the slower growing a tree, the harder the wood. For sustainable building, the natural attraction to bamboo is its rapidly renewable feature, particularly our bamboo that comes from FSC® certified sustained yield plantation farming. In addition to the performance qualities of bamboo, the unique aesthetics it provides from a design standpoint clearly set it apart from other hardwood species.


We have three unique bamboo categories:  


GRASSBuilt™ – The first Made In The USA engineered high density bamboo





MOSO™ – One of the world leading bamboo brands that includes flooring, flexible rolls, panels and veneer






TriFlekta™ – Class A certified fire retardant solid bamboo pole